Valentine’s Day 2015 – Flower and Gift Delivery in Davao city

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Want to surprise your loved one this coming Valentine’s day? Worry no more, because Gifts Davao is here for you!

Boasting a wide portfolio of rose, Ferrero Rocher and mixed flowers bouquets, Gifts Davao has the gift you need at a price (and convenience!) you can afford. Check out their complete price list for Valentine’s Day 2015: Continue reading »

Resurrect Dry, Dull Hair in 4 Weeks or Less

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After the holidays, and with the overwhelming work greeting us during New Year, don’t be suprised to see dull, dry hair when you look at the mirror. Don’t worry, it’s totally excusable. And with the Valentine’s Day drawing near, I’m sure you’ll see more incentive in resurrecting your hair right now! Here are a few tips to start the year with your crowning glory shining like it should: Continue reading »

Much Ado About the Papal Visit


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A lot of people are so pessimistic about the Papal visit. Honestly, I still think it’s a little bit overrated. However, I realized that I must not forget that what it might be to me is not what it means to the other Filipinos who feel blessed by just knowing he is coming to visit our country.

I’ve attended Sunday masses lately and I noticed that by the end of each mass, there’s a special prayer intended to pray for peace and protection during the Papal visit. I noticed that people actually recite it with gusto and their faces even looked hopeful. Sometimes I even feel guilty because I really just regard it as a regular weekend, another day to catch up on laundry and writing. Continue reading »

I Wear Yosi Samra

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In my job as a PR and Events Coordinator in Davao, it’s understandable how I go to several places in a day. I go to banks, client offices, my office, home, malls, et cetera. What’s more, I drive myself to these places. Sometimes I think all this stress, driving and walking is perhaps what keeps me slim…but really, part of this perk is also having a trusty foot buddy, a Yosi Samra pair. Continue reading »

PREP is Hiring! – Davao Event Coordinator



Good day! PREP, one of Davao’s premier Events and PR companies, is opening up two positions for their company. Here are the qualifications:


1 Administrative and Marketing Officer

*Graduate of any 4-year Business or Communications Course

*familiar with Microsoft Office tools

*basic social media and email competencies

*proficient in English and Filipino

*previous marketing and administrative experience is an advantage

*willing to be trained, professional and with good work ethic


1 Operations Assistant

*at least college level

*familiar with Microsoft Office tools

*will be assigned on the field sometimes

*driver’s license is an advantage



For interested parties, email your resumes and cover letters to and address it to


Karla Singson

Events and PR Lead

PREP (PR, Events and Promotions)


PREP is a team of energetic, young and creative professionals who come together to conceptualize, mount and publicize corporate events and PR campaigns. Their impressive client roster includes the following: Chimes, HAFELE Philippines, Cafe France, BMW, Italianni’s, Sony Entertainment, North Palm Hotel, The Stairwell, BOSCH, Zabadani, Syngenta, Lex Talionis Fraternity, Unilab and NCCC Mall.  You can check them out THROUGH THIS LINK as their website is still undergoing a makeover.

Submit your resumes now and be a part of this wonderful team! Please tell all your friends! See you around! :)


PREP – PR, Events and Promotions | Davao Event Coordinator

Davao Events: CARTE BLANCHE 2014

Carte Blanche 2014 Poster

Expecting a 20,000-strong crowd, Manic Nightnings Productions gears up for another epic night this coming Saturday, November 15, for CARTE BLANCHE 2014.

This year’s Carte Blanche is expecting a bigger audience since they’re opening up 2 fields instead of one (last year), 40 food booths, fun carnival rides and a solid DJ repertoire with the following popular names in performance: Continue reading »

Cary Santiago Graces Davao, Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Cary santiago 1

Master of Philippine Couture Cary Santiago was in town to welcome Davaoeños to his 25th anniversary exhibit at Abreeza Mall. A project in partnership with the Ayala Malls, the traveling exhibit highlighting the fashion powerhouse’s intricate designs and masterful craftsmanship made its way to Ayala Center Cebu before making a stop at Abreeza Mall, and will then head to Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro and finally to Greenbelt in Makati. Continue reading »

Train Yourself to Eat Less and Eat Better



A lot of people struggle with weight loss. It’s one of the toughest battles we have to fight over and over again. What can we do? Clothes look better on a slim figure. When you’re fit, you also feel better and lighter. Most of all, being not fat is better for our hearts and our health. Maybe we’ll even trick ourselves into living longer, right?

That said, the most foolproof plan is to get on a reliable diet and exercise. This is the truly the best way to go since it’s natural and at the end of the day, it’s healthier. Sure you can spend for radio frequency treatments and liposuction but these procedures cost a lot. So you’re still best with the good old diet and exercise.

If you are one of those people who don’t want to engage in heavy exercise and deathly diets that make you go crazy hungry, what you really need to do is to train yourself to eat less. If you’re lazy, just do a little cardio or yoga on the side and eat less and I tell you, you’ll lose at least a pound per week until you’re at your ideal weight. Continue reading »

Davao Events: Get Ready for Battle Royale 2014


Scarevenger Hunt, the annual Halloween event for the Davao media, returns this year as a fighting game-themed adventure race.

Battle Royale 2014 will gather Davao City’s media practitioners for a morning of fun group activities inspired by fighting video games. The participants are expected to put their fierce game faces on and to come in their fighter-inspired outfits. Continue reading »

5 Awesome Things You Can Buy Vs. iPhone 6

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(image from

The new iPhone came out last month. With that, of course, came excited Apple cult followers, Apple bashers, wanna be tech analysts, social climbers who started scraping the bottom of their bank accounts, and indifferent people who are already happy with their mid-range Samsung or the low-end but super durable Nokia.

If you kinda love it and you feel like you want to jump on the bandwagon, let me remind you, the price tag that came with this “it” phone is a hefty one for the regular working Filipino. Here are the numbers: P33,600 for the 16GB, P38,780 for the 64GB and P43,950 for the 128GB iPhone 6. Pretty hefty, huh? Continue reading »