Studying Abroad? FREE Consultation and Processing Finally Arrive in Davao City Through FORTRUST!

Davao Branch Now Open
Fortrust, one of the fastest growing Education Agencies in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific finally touches base with Davao city to assist Dabawenyos in study-work-live programs overseas. We Dabawenyos are truly lucky to be the first site for Fortrust’s Mindanao office. Now we can easily, safely and conveniently apply for these opportunities! :) Continue reading »

How to Have Shiny, Shiny Hair

Here's a photo of myself giving a talk for a Google event. The topic: Woman in Events Management. And wow, look at that shiny hair. Shiny hair, I guess, is the key to success.

Here’s a photo of myself giving a talk for a Google event. The topic: Woman in Events Management. And wow, look at that shiny hair. Shiny hair, I guess, is the key to success.

Most girls don’t have shiny, manageable hair. Add to that our fickle weather and you’ve got a bad hair day always lurking around the corner. For people who know how to take care of their hair, those who got the perfect treatment and products for their hair right the nth time, good for them. However, if you’ve read enough articles on how to keep your hair from frizz and how to give it just the right amount of comb-and-care, this article will cap off all that learning and will teach you EXACTLY how to have shiny, shiny hair. Continue reading »

NCCC Opens Woodlane Branch at Diversion Road Maa

NCCC Choice Mart Opening at Maa

Good news for everyone in the MAA area! For quick household needs and cravings, you can now shop at NCCC’s Choice Mart. They will open their 6th branch at Woodlane Shoppes along Diversion Road, Maa on April 11, 2015.

Former Davao City mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio will lead the ribbon cutting at 9:00AM for that day. Meanwhile, heartthrob JC de Vera will have a meet and greet session at 2:00PM. If you want to see this hunk so badly, this is your chance! Tell all your friends to drop by at the new CHOICE MART and have a chance to meet and greet JC DE VERA. All you need is to purchase P50 worth of products from Tide, Ariel, Head and Shoulders, Safeguard, Pantene and Whisper. And that’s not too hard, right? After all, these are products that we use everyday! :)

For more updates an exciting treats, visit and like NCCC on Facebook, or follow on Instagram: @ncccsupermarket. SEE YOU!

Davao Events: SHARP Launches New Service Promise, Opens New Davao Service Center


At the heart of every successful business is impeccable service. And SHARP knows this too well.

Just recently, SHARP launched their service branding “Omotenashi”, which is the Japanese word for “hospitality”, dubbed as one of the best forms of hospitality in the world. Sharp is truly raising the bar with better and more response channels, shorter response time, and more technicians who are oomphed with a more rigid training. And take note, this training is not just for fixing appliances or home gadgets, but also in making the customer feel at ease and taken cared of. Continue reading »

Notes for the Foot Spa Noob

My feet in post foot spa glory

My feet in post foot spa glory

If you haven’t experienced a foot spa in your life, now is probably the best time. It’s the perfect way to get your feet pampered and spend some peaceful me time in the midst of your hectic life.

Don’t fret; there are thousands of girls who never had a foot spa too. That is why we’ll walk you through. We’ll tell you what to expect so you don’t sound like a noob when you finally get to try that new foot spa promo at the salon around the corner. Continue reading »

Valentine’s Day 2015 – Flower and Gift Delivery in Davao city

General ad

Want to surprise your loved one this coming Valentine’s day? Worry no more, because Gifts Davao is here for you!

Boasting a wide portfolio of rose, Ferrero Rocher and mixed flowers bouquets, Gifts Davao has the gift you need at a price (and convenience!) you can afford. Check out their complete price list for Valentine’s Day 2015: Continue reading »

Resurrect Dry, Dull Hair in 4 Weeks or Less

(image from

(image from

After the holidays, and with the overwhelming work greeting us during New Year, don’t be suprised to see dull, dry hair when you look at the mirror. Don’t worry, it’s totally excusable. And with the Valentine’s Day drawing near, I’m sure you’ll see more incentive in resurrecting your hair right now! Here are a few tips to start the year with your crowning glory shining like it should: Continue reading »

Much Ado About the Papal Visit


(image from

(image from

A lot of people are so pessimistic about the Papal visit. Honestly, I still think it’s a little bit overrated. However, I realized that I must not forget that what it might be to me is not what it means to the other Filipinos who feel blessed by just knowing he is coming to visit our country.

I’ve attended Sunday masses lately and I noticed that by the end of each mass, there’s a special prayer intended to pray for peace and protection during the Papal visit. I noticed that people actually recite it with gusto and their faces even looked hopeful. Sometimes I even feel guilty because I really just regard it as a regular weekend, another day to catch up on laundry and writing. Continue reading »

I Wear Yosi Samra

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In my job as a PR and Events Coordinator in Davao, it’s understandable how I go to several places in a day. I go to banks, client offices, my office, home, malls, et cetera. What’s more, I drive myself to these places. Sometimes I think all this stress, driving and walking is perhaps what keeps me slim…but really, part of this perk is also having a trusty foot buddy, a Yosi Samra pair. Continue reading »

PREP is Hiring! – Davao Event Coordinator



Good day! PREP, one of Davao’s premier Events and PR companies, is opening up two positions for their company. Here are the qualifications:


1 Administrative and Marketing Officer

*Graduate of any 4-year Business or Communications Course

*familiar with Microsoft Office tools

*basic social media and email competencies

*proficient in English and Filipino

*previous marketing and administrative experience is an advantage

*willing to be trained, professional and with good work ethic


1 Operations Assistant

*at least college level

*familiar with Microsoft Office tools

*will be assigned on the field sometimes

*driver’s license is an advantage



For interested parties, email your resumes and cover letters to and address it to


Karla Singson

Events and PR Lead

PREP (PR, Events and Promotions)


PREP is a team of energetic, young and creative professionals who come together to conceptualize, mount and publicize corporate events and PR campaigns. Their impressive client roster includes the following: Chimes, HAFELE Philippines, Cafe France, BMW, Italianni’s, Sony Entertainment, North Palm Hotel, The Stairwell, BOSCH, Zabadani, Syngenta, Lex Talionis Fraternity, Unilab and NCCC Mall.  You can check them out THROUGH THIS LINK as their website is still undergoing a makeover.

Submit your resumes now and be a part of this wonderful team! Please tell all your friends! See you around! :)


PREP – PR, Events and Promotions | Davao Event Coordinator