OWN a House and Lot in Davao for P3,680 Monthly

prestige house and lot

(This post was originally for a house and lot at P2,600 monthly, but the developer recently updated their price accdg. to market value.  It is now at P3,680/month. We will replace photo in less than 48 hrs. Thank you for your understanding.)


OWN a house for just P 3680 a month! Whether its for persos nal use or investment, this one’s a GREAT OPPORTUNITY.  

A new village is now on pre-selling, PRESTIGE HOMES, located at Cabantian, Buhangin, Davao city. It’s just a few walks after Northcrest Subdivision. One of their remarkable features is the affordability of their units and the flexible payment schemes. A lot of people, especially startup families and serial entrepreneurs, are particularly interested in their DIEGO units, the ones with the supper affordable P3680/month requirement. How does it work, really? Continue reading »

Davao Events: Lez Be Friends and Lez Party at Blue Room

LEZ  be friends

LEZ BE FRIENDS, whoever you are.

Introducing Davao’s first lesbian coming out party, a tribute to all the girls who love girls this Women’s History Month. This fun and friendly party is designed to be a big all-girl night out, with special surprises such as 50% off on cocktails, FREE tequila at the body shots booth, flat rate for beers (P50) and buy-1-take-1 shots. Continue reading »

Davao Hotel Rave: Bagobo House Hotel


If you’re looking for an affordable home in downtown Davao, you might as well check out Bagobo House Hotel. Sitting quietly along Duterte st., a stone’s throw away from hospitals,  mall, banks, money transfer centers, convenience stores, bars and several food joints, you can’t get any cozier than this. Continue reading »

Plains and Prints Spring Summer 2014 Preview at Chimes Specialty Store

spring summer 1

Chimes  Specialty Store is treating Davao once again to another  exclusive fashion preview as they will be arranging the special Plains and Prints x Rhet Eala Spring Summer Collection of 2014.

In this repertoire, A-list celebrity Anne Curtis dons the sweet and sexy pieces from P&P’s newest collection. Here’s  what she has to say about this charming Plains & Prints set: I will always be the fun-loving, girly, girl that I am. But I’d like my audience to know that I’ve grown up and become more mature, too. That’s why this year, I’ve decided to dress more responsibly. Continue reading »

How to Fight Crab Mentality

(image from anuncomplicatedmind.blogspot.com)

Lately, I noticed some of my peers being victims of, and perpetrators of, crab mentality. As a quick refresh, online encyclopedias define crab mentality as a metaphor operating in this way of thinking: if I can’t have it, neither can you. It is derived from the behavior of crabs, which, when placed in a bucket, will grab at each other in a useless “king of the hill” competition driven by the desire to prevent every one to escape. In this case, everyone is doomed to their own demise. Wikipedia notes that it is also “the analogy in human behavior is that members of the group will attempt to ‘pull down’ (negate or diminish the importance of) any member who achieves success beyond others, out of envy, conspiracy or competitive feelings”. Continue reading »

Restaurant Rave: CHIYO Japanese Restaurant and Yakiniku House


When it comes to food, I could say I’m pretty easy to please. However, a few favorites always stand out. For example, I think I would never get tired of eating Mami, Batchoy and/ or Ramen. Yummy soup, fresh noodles and meat? Take all my money! I’ve tasted the ones that make me beg for a second bowl and others which are not even worthy of your cup noodles budget. And you see, lately my life just became so much brighter; I’ve just found the best Ramen in Davao city. Where, you ask? At CHIYO JAPANESE RESTAURANT AND YAKINIKU HOUSE.


Sitting at the not-so-busy thoroughfare of Lanang, near West Insular Village, CHIYO is located at the ground floor of West JBT Plaza, Lanang’s foodie wonderland. In this building, you’ll also find Jaime’s, a super affordable buffet treat (all-in at P450!) and West Empire, dubbed by most foodies as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the region. Chiyo stands out because of their bright, cozy, welcoming ambiance, with plush red seats, zen architecture and a dash of modern taste. At first, if you’re easily intimidated, you’d think eating at this resto will cost you a thousand bucks. Oh well, the chalkboard by their counter will tell you otherwise.



At CHIYO, Ramen and Yakiniku offerings go for only P180-P250, and mind you, the flavors are a blast! For their Ramen, they serve freshly made noodles and soup that’s especially made from fresh produce. So basically, everything is done from scratch. You don’t get to see that from many Japanese restos in the city, do you?


Another highlight is their smokeless grill, where you can grill your own thinly-sliced, flavor-drenched meat and cook ‘em according to your preference. You can do medium-rare, medium-well or well-done! What’s more, it’s healthier, safer and doesn’t leave you with that annoying grill smell on your clothes afterwards.


If you’re in for a full, Sumo-like meal, Bento meals at Chiyo only go as low as P350. That already includes Tempura/tuna, rice, appetizer, miso soup, a main course, veggies, drink and (my favorite bonus) ice cream. It’s like going to a buffet without having to stand up repeatedly.

Ready to get your fill of mouth-watering Japanese cuisine? Visit CHIYO today! (and give em some love, like their Facebook page!)


CHIYO Japanese Restaurant and Yakiniku House is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 10:00AM to 10:00PM and Sundays, from 5:00PM to 10:00PM. SEE YOU at CHIYO! :)


Photo credits go to CHIYO

A Realization About Filipino Love Story Movies After Watching Bride for Rent


After watching the much-talked-about movie, Bride for Rent (yes, I’m a little late, I know), I realized that Filipino love stories, in general, follow a few classic formulas. Before I watched this movie, I didn’t read its synopsis or watched the trailer. I just went with my hunch regarding its plot and why, I was right. Continue reading »

How to REALLY Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions


(image from barefootmeds.wordpress.com)

It’s inevitable. A new year arrives right after the happiest season of the year. With all the good vibes from Christmas, plus tradition’s obsession towards “turning over a new leaf” whenever we change the calendar, we fall into a common situation—making half-assed New Year’s Resolutions.

The most common ones are saving up, doing better in one’s career/ school performance, eating healthy, dedicating an ample amount of time for exercise, quitting smoking (or any other bad, perhaps illegal, habit) and “loving one’s self better”. Although I don’t want to sabotage your plans, I see a lot of youngsters still carrying the Ningas Cogon attitude. One, two, three days they’re dedicated, the rest of the year, they’re not. Then they just repeat the same set of resolutions by next year. I’m sure you also know this feeling—we’ve all been there. But if you still find yourself in the same trap year after year after year, here’s the time when you have to put a stop to that madness. Continue reading »