Feel Like a King in Ratu España, Davao’s Newest Downtown Spa

Ratu means King. España means Spain. Good thing you do not need to go to Spain just to feel like  a king. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve paid Ratu España, Davao’s newest downtown spa, a visit.

Ratu España is a mid-range spa located at the heart of Roxas st., Davao city, one of the busiest roads in the locale. They opened last June 2011, and their sales—and popularity–have been picking up since.

Initially, they admitted to have faced many challenges; including an almost-impossible resignation of a manager on the first day of operations, their staff training and the jumping-into-manager’s-role of the proprietor’s best friend just to keep the spa open. The most difficult of these challenges, they say, is their location. They’re sitting at the 2nd floor of Chicco di Caffe at Roxas st.; with their  mere entrance: a door that leads to a hotel. Some people think it’s fine. Some think it’s worth it. Others think this is extra hassle. At the end of the day, however, Ratu España slowly gained customer base through exceptional service, low prices and word of mouth.

The owner of this spa is not a stranger to us; or his voice, at least. He is better known in the FM Radio industry as “Papa Lench”. Aside from his deejaying gig, he also hosts and manages advertising campaigns. He decided to open a spa because he wanted to take a fresh approach on rest and relaxation.

Among the many attractions of Ratu España, the most remarkable one is its Spanish motif. Sets of furniture and accents were carefully handpicked by Lanley (Papa Lench, no less) like a pro interior designer. Bold colors, soft silks, plush seats and gold moldings breathes contemporary life in what seemed like a vintage Spanish rest house. Going to Ratu España feels like a trip to the house of your rich, chic Amiga.

Ratu Espanña is open from 3PM to 3AM. They offer a wide range of spa services such as massage, ventosa, body scrub, manicure, pedicure, hot oil, foot scrub, foot spa and others. They plan to open their doors for facial and other dermatological treatments as well.


Ratu España is located at 2nd floor, Chicco di Caffe Bldg., Roxas Avenue, Davao city. Photos courtesy of DJ Tadena.